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Express your passion for YOUR special breed!!!   NEW BREEDS are constantly being added... so keep checking back!!  WILDLIFE coming soon!

Just a few samples....

Decals created exclusively for Dog Wall Decals, will definitely command attention in your home or outdoors --  AND a great conversation piece.   Life-Size Photographs capture each breed's unique quality.  YOU will be the one drooling from their gorgeous faces with vibrant colors accentuating the eyes and tongue. Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology for the brightest color and best resolution without any background to provide realism.  The print media is UV Protected and Waterproof and is good for almost any application (can be applied on rough or textured surfaces) and will last outdoors up to 5 years, obviously longer if utilized indoors since it's not exposed to the elements.  These decals are removable, but not reusable.

The line is expanding to most all breeds and wildlife. 
Think your dog has what it takes to be an international model???  Then submit your photos for a chance to be selected to represent your breed on our next Wall-Size and Window-Size Decals!!
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Make sure you MEASURE the area you want to apply the decal before you order. 
For orders of $99 or more you can select the Bill Me Later plan.


Placement Ideas

2 inch Cell Phone, Mirror  --  this size has a solid white background
6 inch Cell Phone, Mirror, Kindle, iPad, Lockers  --  this size has a solid white background
1 foot Laptop, Notebook,Small Window, Mirror, Mailbox
2 foot Medium Size Window, Vehicle Windows, Vehicle Sides or Vehicle Doors
3 foot Wall-Size, Door, Vehicle Side
4 foot Wall-Size, Single Garage Door,
5 foot Wall-Size, Side of Barn, Motor Home, Double Garage Door
  --  this size comes in 2 pieces for ease of installation w/1" overlay
6 foot Wall-Size, outside of building, fence, motor home, double garage door
  --  this size comes in 2 pieces for ease of installation w/1" overlay

The decals are made to fit most any application with individual adjustments.  You do not need to use every crack, it is made so that you can simply snip off portions of the cracks to "fit" your application.  Cut around objects like key holes or wiper arm base, etc. and overlap onto vehicle itself.  They are also designed to be life-like and balanced in size with the application. Keep in mind, the decals are meant to provide life-size imagery and that will vary depending on where you apply the decal.  These decals are meant for you to be able to "snip" off portions of "cracks" or overlay the entire decal onto areas surrounding your main application.

Make sure you MEASURE the area for placement of your decal before you order. All sales are final.


Indoors or Outdoors

Click Here to VIEW SAMPLES

Cell Phone
Fireplace Mantle
Front Door
Garage Door
Hot Tub Cover

Lamp Shade
Motor Home
House Exterior
Sliding Glass Patio Door
Vehicle Door or Side
Vehicle Window


... or wherever your creativity strikes!!


All sizes are made of premium quality Outdoor Vinyl with a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.

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